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Adhesive 5ml Domino, M Mega Bond, or Vesper

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The Bond Girls: M, Vesper, and Domino. 

All of the Bond Girls can be used for Classic, Volume and Premade applications. 

Storage: keep Adhesive in a cool dry/ airtight place with fresh silica. If storing in a refrigerator, the adhesive must be removed 2 hours before use to allow it to come to normal working temperature.
Do not freeze adhesive.

A vac Jar is recommended   Store only with other adhesives  

Discard adhesive after 4 weeks of use or before if it becomes think, stringy, or the smell becomes strong.  This is a sign you’ve probably waited too long to replace. Busier techs may need to replace their adhesive sooner due to opening and closing which exposes adhesive to air.  

All these adhesives are rated to work in humidity 35%-65% and 71-74 degrees making them ultra versatile. The setting speed is fastest at 55-65% humidity and is the recommended range. These adhesives will cure in 1-4 seconds depending on humidity and amount of adhesive used  the less adhesive used, the quicker the setting time. I love this, you control the setting time! 

These adhesives are designed to have excellent retention when used in ideal temp/ humidity with proper attachment technique and aftercare.

Domino Clear Bond is excellent for premades, promade fans, crystallizing, for those clients with carbon sensitivities, volume and classic. Not too thick or thin will set in 1 second in humidity 55-65% and 71-74 degrees This adhesive will work down to 35% humidity but could be slower than if working in the “ideal range”. This adhesive has virtually no fumes and zero pigment. 

Vesper Ultra Bond Is a flexible bond that is excellent for classic, volume, Premade and Promade fans, crystallizing, and has a very light banana scent! This glue is medium viscosity. 
This adhesive will work down to 45% humidity with ideal humidity 55-65% and 71-74 degrees F. 
This adhesive is very fast .5-1 second glue in the ideal range. Note: the lower the humidity, the slower the setting time.  Contains carbon black.

M Mega Bond is perfect for the intermediate to advanced artist needing a fast setting thinner viscosity adhesive. Low to medium fumes sets in 1-2 seconds depending on humidity.  This adhesive will work down to 35% but the sweet spot is between 40-60%.  71-74 degrees is the recommended temp. Contains Carbon Black  

Note. These are professional adhesives. By purchasing adhesive you are attesting that you are licensed and trained to use them properly. Glitter KC LLC dba KC Pro Lash Supply is not responsible for the use/ misuse, intentional or not, of the products.

Using adhesives below 30% increase fumes and chances for sensitivities and reactions due to not enough moisture in the air to properly polymerize the adhesive. Using adhesive outside ideal ranges also can result in poor retention. 

These adhesives contain Acrylates. Whenever changing adhesives with your clients, there is always a risk of reactions and patch testing is always recommended. A clear patch test is not a guarantee that a client is not or will not become sensitive to an ingredient at any time of exposure. 

  • Always use product in the manner in which it is intended. 
  • Use product in a well ventilated area in the recommended temperature  and humidity range. Do not ever place product on the skin.  
  • Discard of wet adhesive by neutralizing with water before discarding in a closed container immediately. 
  • Do not use adhesive on any surface that has natural fibers, especially cotton. Adhesive combined with these materials create an exothermic reaction and can increase fumes, sensitivities and ultimately are combustible! I do not recommend micropore tape to secure bottom lashes for this reason.  Eye pads or Blue Sensitive tape are better options. 
  • Avoid swiping on eyepads or lashes during application to reduce fumes and increase retention