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Easy Fan / Fast Fanning Lashes

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These 0.05 CC lashes are designed with a special technique that allows the artist more a easily make fans. The lashes come off the strip and stay together at the bottom and spread easily into fans. You can make fans as wide or narrow as your technique allows with easy pick up if the fan  


Technique note: these lashes are double layer to make super fluffy fans that spread easily using the lonely fan technique. Simply take off up to 10 lashes then place them back down on an empty part of the strip, gently push them down and watch them spread! You can refine the fan to be as wide or narrow and symmetrical as needed  it takes some practice! 


KC Pro Lash Supply Fast Fanning lashes are different because you can also further refine the base with a simple pinch of your fingers to make the bases more compact and narrow. This allows for a more seamless and comfortable application. 

Kim’s Pro Tips:

Although these fans help do some of the work; practice to gain consistency in your fan making

Try to always make fans as symmetrical and similar to all your other fans for the most beautiful outcome. 

Hold your placement of the fan for a few seconds to make sure the fan sets in the open position before moving on to help these fans stay open between fills! 

If preparing your fans prior to your clients, it is not necessary to set them with adhesive but will help them stay open Ionger.  

As with all the products offered at KC Pro Lash Supply, these are intended for use by licensed and trained professionals. KC Pro Lash Supply is not responsible for the use or misuse of the products.