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Hydrogel Eye Pads

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I use these eye patches in my shop and they are all amazing. I keep a variety around so I have the right one for any eye shape and need. 

The Peanut: this is unique in it’s versatile shape. Great for most all eye shapes. It’s not bulky and has a shallow cut out on one side and a deeper cut out on the other. Try these and they just may be your new favorite. 

Light blue: the popular banana shape that’s easy to use and highly customizable. The light blue color may assist with seeing blonde lashes for easier isolation. 

Pre cut: this eye pad is so comfy and it’s pre cut so it will flex to a custom fit with less fuss. This is a favorite of local artists. 

Black: many artists love this banana shaped eye pad for working with blonde lashes 

Light Pink: this banana shaped eyepad is easy on the eyes and highly customizable. 

Banana: the most popular shape because of its versatility. The white background creates contrast to make isolation easier. 

Mall our eye pads can be used to secure bottom lashes on their own or you can place them under the bottom lashes and use micropore, or Sensitive tape over the lashes.  Just be sure not to get too close to the waterline to ensure client comfort